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Nishaani & Me: Issue 8 (Sep 2022)

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Children crave engagement, entertainment and education and Nishaani & Me provides exactly that. A quarterly magazine engages children through interactive competitions, entertains them with puzzles and games and educates them by discussing topical events and stories.

In this issue, Jap and Jas, our hosts, celebrate Bandi Chhor/Diwali, learn about Guru Nanak Dev Ji, tell you about their cousins, Nirbhau & Nirvair and much more! Order your copy now!

Magic in the details...

  • Includes Poster
  • Includes Stickers
  • Craft Activity
  • Colouring Pages
  • 16 Interesting and Entertaining Pages
  • Available exclusively on Nishaani Store 

The bare necessities

  • H30 x W21 approx.
  • All magazines printed in the UK on FSC Certified 100% Recycled Paper
  • All packaging is fully recyclable
  • Silk-covered uncoated internal pages stapled paperback